The Liber Ero Letter on Environmental Assessment in Canada: a call to strengthen science in decision making.

to-uploadCanada needs to mobilize knowledge – the best that science has to offer –  in order to understand and mitigate the impacts of large-scale industrial projects. Above:  an open pit oilsands operation in NE Alberta, such projects are routinely assessed as having a non-significant impact. 


The following letter was submitted on October 27th, 2016 to the Honourable Catherine McKenna  (Minister of Environment and Climate Change),the Honourable Dr. Kirsty Duncan (Minister of Science), the Expert Panel on Review of Environmental Assessment Processes, and all members of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Environment and Sustainable Development.

This letter was uploaded to the Environmental Assessment Review website on 13-Dec-2016.

An oral presentation of this letter by Dr. Aerin Jacob is schedule TODAY (15-Dec-2016) at the Environmental Assessment Review Panel in Nanaimo, BC.

Download letter here.environmental-assessment-reform-letter-from-liber-ero-fellows-page-001environmental-assessment-reform-letter-from-liber-ero-fellows-page-002environmental-assessment-reform-letter-from-liber-ero-fellows-page-003environmental-assessment-reform-letter-from-liber-ero-fellows-page-004environmental-assessment-reform-letter-from-liber-ero-fellows-page-005environmental-assessment-reform-letter-from-liber-ero-fellows-page-006environmental-assessment-reform-letter-from-liber-ero-fellows-page-007environmental-assessment-reform-letter-from-liber-ero-fellows-page-008environmental-assessment-reform-letter-from-liber-ero-fellows-page-009


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