The Liber Ero Fellowship

What does Liber Ero mean?

“Liber Ero” is Latin for I will be free. It is the motto and title of the Liber Ero Fellowship, a program in Canada that funds applied conservation research.

Liber Ero Fellows are post-doctoral researchers who are working on an applied conservation research program that addresses issues of critical conservation importance to Canada. The topics span ecosystems, biomes, and subjects, but all focus on employing best-available evidence to conserve Canada’s biodiversity.

What will I find on this blog?

In this blog, Liber Ero Fellows will post articles of importance to environmental science, ecology, and conservation. The topics will be broad, and there will be something here for everyone.

All opinions we express are solely our own, and do not necessarily reflect those of our host institutions, the Liber Ero program, or our collaborators. 

How do I apply for the Fellowship?

To learn more about the program and apply, please see the primary website at


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