New paper: Seventy-One Important Questions for the Conservation of Marine Biodiversity

Conserving the oceans requires scientific information, but what areas do we need to prioritize if we’re to conserve effectively? In this newly-released paper, 21 authors from around the world compiled a list of 71 key questions that, if answered, would substantially advance our ability to conserve biodiversity in the marine environment.

The primary theme of these questions is that there are conservation issues unique to the marine environment that require special attention. Some of the questions address structural issues within the scientific community that we believe are precluding effective conservation (in a section we called ‘scientific enterprise’), while others focus on the well-known topics of climate change, fisheries, and other anthropogenic stressors. A section on ‘marine citizenship’ addresses the disconnect between people and the marine environment, particularly for those who do not see a direct connection between marine biodiversity and their own prosperity. This paper will be of particular use to people new to marine conservation, to get a sense of what we believe are the current important issues in the field.

Source: Parsons ECM, Favaro B, Aguirre AA, et al (2014). Seventy-One important questions for the conservation of marine biodiversity, Conservation Biology. DOI: 10.1111/cobi.12303



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